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Character Name:  Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden (or just Harry Dresden)
The Dresden Files (He’s based on the books, but the icons are from the tv show)
Point taken from canon: 
Before book 13, Changes

Age: He’s around 35 or so

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Background is here, and if you want more detail there are links to each individual book’s plot


Harry grew up as an orphan for most of his life since his father died when he was six.  He knows what it’s like and has a great deal of sympathy for other kids who went through the same situation he did.  Unfortunately, his situation didn’t turn out so well.  His experience with his adopter, Justin DuMorne, marked him for life.  Not only was he forced to kill Justin because the man tried to use black magic to turn him into a mindless slave, he was placed under the Doom by the council for breaking the first law of magic:  Thou Shall Not Kill.  He tends not to trust the council aside from Ebenezer McCoy, his guardian after Justin, though he’s gained a few other allies along the way.

Since he used black magic when he was younger, he’s always fighting a small part of himself that would easily use it again.  This is one of the reasons that he will continually put himself in peril to protect those who are weaker than he is.  He views it as his job to do so; if he doesn’t, who will?  While Harry can think logically, even though his head may say “run away” he tends to run into more trouble because of his desire to protect the people close to him.  Harry’s willing to make deals with anyone to save those he needs to save, even at risk to himself.  He’s especially susceptible to protecting women and children.  A woman in tears can easily get him to do pretty much whatever she wants him to do. 

Harry doesn’t take a lot of time to look deep into himself.  He doesn’t really want to know what’s down there in his soul.  Walking the gray line between right and wrong is the typical norm for him.  If he happens to take too big of a step into the “wrong,” then it happens.  Harry’s the type of guy who will make the wrong choices for the right reasons.  The question of whether that makes what he did right isn’t something he dwells on overly much.

Being a professional investigator and wizard, Harry is always using his head.  He knows that brawn doesn’t always overpower brains.  He’s won many battles because of his strategy and preplanning.  He can typically keep a level head through any situation… or at least appear to keep a level head.  In reality he just has a lot of will, stubbornness, and a good amount of luck. Harry’s the type of person who’s always thinking of the next few steps ahead… just in case.  Even if he hasn’t preplanned so well, Harry can typically think on his feet with ease.  That doesn’t mean his plans always work out, but hey, he’ll figure something out.

The fact that Harry simply won’t back down no matter how bad things get is what has seen him through numerous situations.  He could be barely able to stand, but he’ll still find a way to drag himself to his feet and keep on fighting.  Harry is stubborn, willful, and just won’t give in.  He doesn’t like to lose or be intimidated. If something actually does intimidate him, he usually won’t show it. Harry’s one for putting on a strong façade and acting all cocky even when he knows he’s out of his league.

Over anything else what stands out about Harry’s personality is the fact that he’s always being a wiseass and seeming to never take things seriously.  Those who know him, however, know he’s typically always serious despite the stupid comments that he makes.  Many times he uses his sarcasm and insults to his advantage against opponents.  His mouth gets him in trouble a lot since when he’s afraid he acts like even more of a wiseass than before.  Some people wonder if he’s lost his mind due to his comments and actions.  Harry’s hardly traditional when it comes to either one.  He also tends to talk to himself (or think to himself).


First off, Harry is a very talented wizard.  His strong enough to be a member of the White Council and has a lot of punch and brute force.  Harry has lots of power but not as much control in his “kaboom” or battle magic.  He needs his tools (staff, blasting rod, force rings, shield bracelet, pendent) to help him with most of his magic so it doesn’t end up too out of control.  Typically Harry’s magic leans toward fire and force, though he can also use other types of magic like wind and earth (magnetism).  He can easily overturn a car and blow up buildings. 

While control and finesse isn’t his strong point, he’s starting to get better at what he does and use less magic to get the same results.  For example, instead of blowing the entire door off, he will now just blow off the hinges.

Harry is also an expert at thaumaturgy (basically voodoo).  His tracking spells are a specialty.  He’s also shown that he can use other forms of thaumaturgy to set up connections between different things to aid him in investigations.  Harry can also create magical shields quite quickly and easily. 

Part of being a wizard is that Harry has something called the “Sight” or “third eye.”  Should he choose to use it, he can see any of the magical workings going on around him and see what the world truly looks like.  However, anything he sees with Sight is permanently engraved in his memory.

Harry also has the ability to soulgaze with a person.  If he meets the eyes of another for a few seconds he will see into their soul and they, in turn, will see into his.  Harry’s soul gaze plays out in metaphors usually, so it can be hard to decipher who the person truly is on the inside.

Outside of magic, Harry is incredibly tall and uses his height to his advantage in fighting.  He runs quite a bit which helps him in battle.  He’s also been working on attacking with his staff.  It comes in handy for general beatings if he can’t use it for magical purposes.  He also has a talent with simple firearms.  Magic can’t solve everything after all.


As mentioned in abilities, Harry’s magic tends more toward big and destructive than controlled and subtle.  He struggles with veils and the smaller type stuff, though he is getting better at it.  Because of his lack of control, he uses many magical tools to direct his power.  Without them he tends to not use magic since the results can be wild and disastrous.  Of course, the results could end up that way even with his magical tools. 

Despite being incredibly strong, there are limits to Harry’s strength.  If he completely runs down his magical power, he’s pretty much useless.  Not only can he not even do the weakest spells, but he’s physically exhausted.  Sleep with restore his power, but it’s a slow thing.  Magic also has limits since it’s based on physics.  The principles still apply and the energy has to come from somewhere.

Harry is also human, meaning he can be injured in the same ways as a human.  Granted it does take more to actually bring him down since he has methods of protecting himself like his shield bracelet and spelled leather duster. 

Personality wise, Harry has weak self control when it comes to women and children.  He’ll put himself at a lot of risk to help another person who needs him.  Realizing that a woman or child is setting a trap for him typically doesn’t enter his radar.  If it does, he usually ignores it.  Chivalry can get him into trouble.  It’s a typical thing for him to run toward trouble instead of away from it even if he’d end up in way over his head.

Harry’s mouth is both a strength and a weakness.  His wiseass attitude, teasing, and culture references can help and hurt him.  It’s been known to get him into trouble far more than it gets him out of trouble though.  It’s his defense mechanism and first reaction to just about any situation.  Whether it helps or hurts him depends.

Technology.  Yeah.  Magic really messes with technology in Harry’s canon.  Pretty much anything after WWII doesn’t function so well with him around.  He can’t even use a refrigerator, stove, or heat because his magic will make it stop working within a very short period of time.  Light bulbs work, but they burn out much more quickly than they should.  If it’s something really high tech, Harry’s magic will blow out the device within moments.  Sorry, there’s nothing he can do about it.  (After discussion it was decided the Hitomi will work unless he starts using magic.  That will short circuit it for awhile.)


Defining Quote(s): [OPTIONAL] 

“Hell’s bells.”

“Stars and stones.”

“I let out a battle cry. Sure, a lot of people might have mistaken it for a sudden yelp of unmanly fear, but trust me. It was a battle cry.”

“The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault.”

“In the name of the Pizza Lord, CHARGE!”

“Are you always such a smartass?”  Dresden:  “No, sometimes I’m asleep.”

“Don't mess with a wizard when he's wizarding!”

Other: Anything else we should know about your character? Any pertinent/important headcanon information should go here.

Action Writing Sample: 

[Harry’s spidey, wizardy, whatever, senses are tingling!  Seriously, something is majorly wrong with this place.  He can almost feel it.  The tension.  There has GOT to be something going on here below the surface.  There always is, only this time, it has to be big. 

He claps his hands together and a small smile flickers across his face.  Time to get some information!  The more you know the more prepared you are.  Or the more creeped out by what’s going on.  One or the other.  Considering he knows nothing about this place, people living here would be his greatest source of information.]

I don’t know about any of you, but this place just screams conspiracy if you ask me.  Idyllic places like this?  They don’t exist.  Sorry. 

I may be a cynic, but I’ve come to find it’s best to assume the worst.  Then when you’re wrong you can be pleasantly surprised.  Not that I’m expecting a surprise of the pleasant variety here.

Unless someone has a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and a coke handy.  Then I’d be pleasantly surprised.  

[His smile only gets wider and he can’t help letting way more honey than is necessary into his voice.  Hey, if he sounds a little dumb people might let more than they mean to slip.  And then he won’t seem so intimidating.  Huge big leather jackets tend to give that impression.]

That being said, who wants to fill in the wizard? 


Third Person Writing Sample:

Harry glanced around nervously, taking in the sudden change in scenery.  His talents as a private investigator told him this wasn’t home.  Well, duh.  There was just no way.  Trees don’t just spring up in the middle of the city unless the Summer Court has something to do with it.  He’d seen that happen before, so he knew it was possible.  Still, that wasn’t what had happened this time.  He was sure of it.  The skyscrapers would still be around if it had.  And they weren’t.  At all.  Besides, it felt too pure to be the work of the faeries.  Though… there was an undertone of something else.  Too bad he couldn’t put his finger on exactly what it was.

“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Chicago anymore.” 

He couldn’t help grinning considering how ridiculous this situation really was.  Thankfully he’d been in worse, since no one had attempted to chop off his head or come after him with a band of screaming zombies this time.  However, there was that awful feeling in the pit of his stomach that he’d just walked into something he probably wouldn’t like.  That churning gut feeling that made his mind scream, “Man, you’re screwed Dresden.”  Well then, if that was the case he’d just have to tell his mind to shut it by making light of the situation.

“Heh.  I’ve now mastered teleportation!  Booya, physics!  I have defeated thee!”

Alright, enough of the wiseass comments.  No wizard could beat physics.  He knew that.  It wasn’t possible.  That was one of the first things you learn in the wizarding business minus the laws of magic. Teleportation?  Yeah, impossible… at least for mortals.  Mab and the other faerie queens could randomly disappear and reappear at will, but not wizards.

Well, crap.  That was a bad thought.  That meant someone, or something, a hell of a lot more powerful than him did this. Meaning whoever, or whatever, that was wanted something from him.  And those somethings always became way bigger than they initially seemed. 

“Hell’s bells. What have I gotten myself into?  Why can’t any mess I get into be just a small mess instead of a colossal shit fest?”

He shifted his left wrist so the shield bracelet was ready for use if he needed it.  It always helped to be prepared.  Plus, he’d like to stay in one piece as long as possible.  No Dresden puzzles today.  He continued rambling on aloud even though nobody was around to hear him.

"Honestly.  I wish I had kept count of how many hit lists I’m on.  I bet I’d win my way into the Genius Book of World Records.  And I’ve just added one more too I’m betting.  Unless this is just another to add onto the “Let’s Make Dresden’s Life Miserable” list.  Gotta love my life.  

Look on the bright side though and think of this as a vacation!  Hurray, a vacation!  I need one of those!  Do I get any sunscreen?  Maybe on of those lemonades with a straw and a neat little paper umbrella to stick in it?  I could really go for one of those.”

He couldn’t help the extreme amount of sarcasm laced into his voice.  Despite all of that, Harry knew he was likely in quite a bit of trouble.  If he was already in trouble this early on, then things weren’t going to be any prettier later.